Any Irish Coastline Will Do!

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

I’ve long since been aware of this little fact of life – regardless of it being Northern or Republican, Irish coastlines are really feckin sexy! That is today’s special fact kiddies! I came to this conclusion back in 2016 during my long since blogged about Dorito Tour of Europe. First I saw the Antrim Coastline in the north (amazing stretch of coastline) and a few days later my friend and I jumped on a bus out of Galway to see what the Atlantic coast was all about. This was where I was able to tick off a big bucket list bad boy – the Cliffs of Moher.

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Dingoes And Unicorns: My Fraser Island Adventure

Destination: Fraser Island, Australia

I have a lot to appreciate about my trip to Europe and Morocco – it showed me things I’d only ever dreamed of seeing – but I’m the first to admit that there was something my Dorito Tour to the northern hemisphere didn’t supply with a steady degree of consistency.


Following my return to Australia I, like so many travellers, wanted to book a ticket and do it all over again. The natural elements calling out to me, I settled on a spot in Australia that had long since held my attention… and that is a little old sand island named Fraser. Continue reading “Dingoes And Unicorns: My Fraser Island Adventure”

The Carpet Weaver

‘Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’

I thought I’d kick things off with a quote from Ibn Battuta, because that’s what you do. This is a pretty special archive post that I wanted to bring over to the new blog – this is what happened to me when I lost someone I loved whilst on the road.


The Brazilian hadn’t stopped laughing about Arabic’s true meaning of the word – the American language teacher had since become incapable of not smiling about the door she’d opened the previous night, just like the rest of us. Continue reading “The Carpet Weaver”

Malaga, A Decision I Needed To Make!

Destination: Malaga, Spain

So who’s enjoying today’s featured image? I’ll tell you now that I am! Malaga, on Spain’s Costa del Sol and not too far from the Strait of Gibraltar and the continent of Africa, is where we’re going.

Malaga did me a few favours back in 2016 during my Dorito Tour which I am most grateful for. I wasn’t having the best of times in Seville (ie anxiety attack) so after a single night (I am not ashamed) I packed up my backpack, Luna, and headed further south earlier than planned. I’ll tell you now that it was a wise decision – the only downside is that I was in the city for much longer than I needed to be.

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Darwin: The Crocodile Capital

Archive post to look back on. I’ve got nothing hateful to say about Darwin, it’s got a good thing going for it, but if I’ve got one criticism of my time spent there, it’s that I spent TOO long there. Next time I’m in the croc capital I’m either spending less time or getting a routine into effect.

Destination: Darwin, Australia

Backpackers will at some point find a place on the road to bunk down for want of employment and that fabled second year visa. I, on the other hand, am one of those people who just needed a stint back in reality – Darwin was the answer, but this inexperienced choice was made back when I was getting used to the whole independent thing, but this was by no means regretted. Continue reading “Darwin: The Crocodile Capital”

A Whale Shark Of A Time

Experience: Swimming With Whale Sharks

This is an experience that I’ll always look back on fondly – swimming with the biggest fish in the ocean off the Western Australian coast. It’s definitely one of the biggest highlights of my travels to date and made me one hell of a snorkel fanatic – I loved this experience so much that I went back the following year.

For a lot of my life I’d known about the whale sharks and for most of it they remained in the back of my mind, but in 2010 I watched a documentary about how they migrate to the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia yearly – adding in that I needed a damn holiday at the time, that’s how they made my radar. This post is going to share how you go about swimming with them safely. Continue reading “A Whale Shark Of A Time”

I’d Like To Show You Some Food Porn

Yes, I do want to talk to you about food – the reference to the type of photography a mother and son can both be aroused by (are you grateful for the context?) was chosen so that potential readers could be drawn in. Some comments would prove that it worked.

This is an important topic for the inexperienced young traveler so keep reading. When you’re on the road, you need. to. eat! I have learnt this first hand, sometimes the difficult way, and if you plan on packing your bags and heading off to Timbuktu it’ll be a worthwhile lesson for you too!  Continue reading “I’d Like To Show You Some Food Porn”

What You Could Do In Ubud

Destination: Ubud, Indonesia

I have to admit, Bali spent many years off of my bucket list because of the shit my fellow countrymen got up to over there – the booze, nightlife and everything that could lead from it made the island very unappealing. BUT! There was one spot in the hills, an epicentre of culture and nature, that was making me change my mind.

Halfway through my studies in 2017, I was becoming rather hesitant about the cruise we were booked on (it’s no secret, I. HATE. CRUISING!) when I decided that I needed something for me. Flights between Australia and Indonesia are very cheap (and might include a day long stint in Singapore on the way back), Bali can be a budget backpacker’s dream destination and I wanted a culture and nature fix – hear’s what I have to tell you about Ubud. Continue reading “What You Could Do In Ubud”

When In Roman Baths

Destination: Bath, England

Greetings, and welcome to my opinion of an English location I spent an afternoon walking around. I visited Bath on the tail end of my Dorito Tour back in 2016 after a morning spent in Stonehenge (separate post to come). Owing to the fact that I’m hammering out a post about the place, it’s safe to say that I enjoyed my limited time here.

It was really good – I’m spending a few days there in the future and to catch up with a vegan with a magazine job. Continue reading “When In Roman Baths”