Let’s Sing’ It

Singapore, Singapore

I’ve read a few stories about travelers making big day trips of foreign destinations, mostly because it was convenient. Some that come to mind include two bloggers stopping in Bahrain and Dubai, a fella from Manchester who flew via a Spanish island to London because it was cheaper than the train (he also hired a car which still kept him under budget) and a friend of mine who took her kids to London from Paris for the day. These stories have held my fascination and it was up until recently that I seized the opportunity to do it myself.

Singapore ticked a few boxes for me, the biggest one being that it’s close enough to Australia to justify a quick taster. When I was looking for flights in and out of Indonesia I came across one that would include a layover of twenty hours in Singapore – that of course got my interest buzzing. Following a reply from Changi Airport saying that I would be allowed to leave said airport for the day, I booked the ticket and the rest is all in this post. Continue reading “Let’s Sing’ It”