Let’s Sing’ It

Singapore, Singapore

I’ve read a few stories about travelers making big day trips of foreign destinations, mostly because it was convenient. Some that come to mind include two bloggers stopping in Bahrain and Dubai, a fella from Manchester who flew via a Spanish island to London because it was cheaper than the train (he also hired a car which still kept him under budget) and a friend of mine who took her kids to London from Paris for the day. These stories have held my fascination and it was up until recently that I seized the opportunity to do it myself.

Singapore ticked a few boxes for me, the biggest one being that it’s close enough to Australia to justify a quick taster. When I was looking for flights in and out of Indonesia I came across one that would include a layover of twenty hours in Singapore – that of course got my interest buzzing. Following a reply from Changi Airport saying that I would be allowed to leave said airport for the day, I booked the ticket and the rest is all in this post. Continue reading “Let’s Sing’ It”

My Balinese Day Trip

Gianyar, Indonesia

I’ve done a lot of day trips in my time as a traveler, but this is one that I’m especially proud of – it’s another step towards this traveling independently thang that every bodies’ talking about.

Usually I’ll hunt down a tour and let a company put it all together, but for my day out in Gianyar, Indonesia, I spoke to a private driver, shared what I wanted to see and let him do all of the driving. All I had to do was enjoy myself… and things were a lot better when I brought a new friend along.  Continue reading “My Balinese Day Trip”

So Dam Worth It!

Call this an upgrade of a previous post – it really did need some fine tuning. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities to date and I encourage all to give it a try. A few days won’t hurt you.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The promise to myself was that I couldn’t re-read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman until I had this bad boy online… so here we are kiddies (I’ve yet to full re-read the book) and you can thank my numerous pagan deities if you will. I’m talking about Amsterdam, a city of wooden shoes, a serious and devout love for the bicycle and THE sexiest place I’ve ever been! Maybe it’s best that the little people don’t read this in depth. Continue reading “So Dam Worth It!”

Fiji, The Best Place For An Anxiety Attack!


Inexperienced young travellers from around the Pacific Rim (Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada etc) who suffer from the above titled bastard condition might find these words more than beneficial.

This post has a touch of destination and musings to it, but it’s mostly about the wonderful people (I am not kidding!) you’ll find there. The title should’ve given it away by now, and the use of BULA! but just in case you’re skimming, I’ll just say it – I’m talking about Fijians! Continue reading “Fiji, The Best Place For An Anxiety Attack!”

Dublin’s Character Buildings

Top of the morning to you! We’re posting some archived words and today we’ve chosen Dublin, a literary city and easily one of THE best I’ve ever visited. I hope you make it feel welcomed. 

Dublin, Ireland

Out of every country I’ve visited, Ireland might just be the easiest one I’ve moved around in – the convenience is just too good kiddies (I’d originally intended on doing a tour but my Irish friend convinced me not to, and he was right) and the same can be said for its capital, Dublin.

Continue reading “Dublin’s Character Buildings”

The End Of The World

Gibraltar, British Territory

We’re talking locations again, and I’ve settled for… Gibraltar! I know, we’re going the way of British territories, and that is why I’ve placed this post in the ‘England’ section in Destinations – don’t blame me, blame Churchill, Mrs May and the monkeys.

Once described as ‘the end of the world’ by those in the pre ‘the Earth is actually round’ era (Greeks and Phoenicians, I’m looking at you), I first learnt about Gibraltar whilst watching a cartoon during the lamb years (it was The Mummy series which I found rather entertaining – again, locations sell!) An animated Evie Carnahan (sorry Maria Bello but Rachel Weisz will always come first) described Gibraltar for what it was once considered… so my intrigue took off. Continue reading “The End Of The World”

How I Found My Niche

So 2017 is coming to a close and I must admit, it’s been pretty good. I mean an orange man in a white house has been ****ing shit up beyond what any of us had originally perceived but I’m talking about the little things… which happened to me.

For one I scored my Diploma in Travel and Tourism (YAY!) and I got a new nephew who has an awesome smile, just like his sister, brother and boy cousins… and add to all of that, I determined what my niche is. Now this is the type of good news that had me spreading my arms apart atop a small sand dune… about two years in advance.  Continue reading “How I Found My Niche”

Let Them Go

I wrote this post up earlier this year, 2017, and it’s one very close to my heart. I’m all about humility (very serious about that) and I do love helping younger travellers out but I feel that this is the advice that they, and their loved ones, need to have a look at if there’s any reservations on their part. 

Hope you enjoy.

Writing this post up has been on my mind for a while and, what with my workload for school looking a little intimidating, I figured I’d get it done now. Quick forewarning, I will be getting a little emotional. Continue reading “Let Them Go”

The Line Of Fire

So here’s another barding of creative non fiction. I was recently part of a night writing class taught by a friend of mine who wanted to put together an anthology of proses and poetry, and each class was given a theme. Ours happened to be fire, and this is what I came up with… which happens to be about one moment that I’m not particularly proud of. 

I wasn’t overly enthused by my time on Koh Phangan in Thailand – it’s a party island and I am certainly not a party person – but I was fortunate enough to attend a talk by another travel blogger, Tim Richards, who basically told me and my old Literature teacher that there’s a story in just about anything and everything. He definitely had a point.    Continue reading “The Line Of Fire”

There’s Only So Much A Travelator Can Do

Yes, the featured image is of a Qantas plane… but this post isn’t about the flying kangaroo.

So a friend of mine is moving to England to start a teaching job. Naturally I’m happy for her and a little bit… nah, make that a lot of envious because I love London and those English have access to peanut butter Oreos! It’s really something else… but this isn’t about London either. Continue reading “There’s Only So Much A Travelator Can Do”