Once I saw a documentary about the whale sharks that migrated to Western Australia on a yearly basis, so I guess that that was the ‘Inception’ moment that inspired me to see as much of Australia before I applied for my passport.

I have, and never will, regret this decision!

When I decided to cross the sea (one downside to living in Australia) my choices in destinations generally came down to being some of the more logical, and then to some extent more eyebrow raising, decisions I’ve come to make (many eyebrows have gone up, including my own).

Fiji struck me as a safe and affordable first time overseas destination.

I had a friend living in the Netherlands who I promised to visit.

If I go to Spain I can catch a ferry to Morocco (I have since condemned that ferry service – there’ll be a post).

So with that out in the air, I have managed to tick off several regions of the world.

Africa – Morocco

Asia – Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand

Europe – England, Ireland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Spain

Oceania – Australia, Fiji

Keep in mind that I’m only listing countries where I have physically left the airport. It’s a rule for some reason.