The Sheep In Question

Food court catch up + sharing Thai escapades = travel blog!

Hi there, my name is Brian and I am the Sheep – the name comes from being one part ‘old nickname’, other part ‘I had a great grandfather who was born in New Zealand’.

First and foremost, I am a fiction freak, culture junkie, avid clouder, serial beach walker and one loud and proud weirdo… so proceed at your own caution.

I’m serious about that last bit, but one reason that I’m doing this is that I, once a very naive backpacker (who has since learnt his share of shit, some of it via the hard way – not a euphemism) just want to help others who are currently in my old position. I’m looking at you, inexperienced young traveller!

But enough about harmless agendas – it’s time to hear a little about me (if you’ve lasted this long you can go another few paragraphs!)

I’ve done a lot with my many years – I’ve studied creative writing, delivered newspapers for a pittance a week, worked in a timber yard (I won’t be recommending that AT ALL), taught what seems like thousands of children how to swim and survive in water and taken my share of terrible selfies (proof below).

That seems like a lot, but next to all of it my passions are backpacking and storytelling.

When one has swum with whale sharks (TWICE!) and spent a few nights in the Sahara, it’s kind of a given that some stories would come out here and there, so why not load them all up in the one place.

I guess starting up a blog was the right way to go, eh?

Signing up for Blogspot back in 2014 allowed for that (we can all blame a food court catch for it), and it was a good outlet to keep my quill going (again, not a euphemism), but now it’s time for a change. A. Big. CHANGE!

In 2017 I studied for my Diploma in Travel and Tourism (and got it), in the hope that I can enter into the industry, as well as learn a few things so that bloggie might become something that it wasn’t before – I have just moved over to WordPress so I guess a big step has been taken.

You won’t get any travel quotes, big review or ‘the 10 best things to do over there’ kind of posts – you’ll get what I’ve done, what I’m thinking, what I want to do and above all else, what I enjoy… which I hope will see the inexperienced young traveller onto the plane.

So with that said, join me and we can take the journey together.

Happy travels!